Are you 18 years old or over?

Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 or pregnant. Nicotine is highly addictive substance. It is not recommended for use by non-smokers.



What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, also called personal vaporizers, are devices that deliver an e-liquid solution in form of vapour, by inhalation. Liquids are made up of propylene glycol, vegetal glycerine, natural flavouring and may contain nicotine.

The vaporization process is carried out by a battery-powered heating element called “atomizer” or “coil”. The act of using an electronic cigarette is popularly referred to as “vaping”.

When vaping, you do not inhale smoke, but vapour; you do not burn tobacco, but heat a liquid; you are not exposed to a combustion, but to a vaporization.

Electronic cigarettes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are designed for every type of user. Although there a hundreds of different suppliers to choose from, e-cigarettes typically fall into one of three main categories: mini, mid-size and mod.

For first-time users transitioning from tobacco cigarettes, minis provide the most natural and easy transition from smoking because they look and feel like traditional cigarettes. A mini (often referred to as a “cig-a-like”) is a small, lightweight option, providing users with a comfortable and discreet way to get their nicotine fix.

For intermediate users, mid-size models are the most popular choice since they’re still small (about the size of a cigar) and provide extended life and stronger vapour production over a cig-a-like.

Finally, advanced personal vaporizers (APV), or mods, provide users with the ultimate vaping experience. An APV will normally look like a fat tube reminiscent of a flashlight (a tube mod) or a box the size of a pack of cigarettes (a box mod). Unlike minis or mid-size designs that use a cylindrical, pre-packaged battery pack, mods typically use replaceable 3.7 volt lithium ion cells and incorporate functions you won’t find on other devices, i.e., variable voltage and / or wattage settings, full electronic control, digital readouts, larger tanks and so on.

Can anyone use Nexvap

You must be 18 + to be able to purchase and use any product from Nexvap. Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 or pregnant. Nicotine is highly addictive substance. It is not recommended for use by non-smokers.

Electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 or pregnant. Nicotine is highly addictive substance. It is not recommended for use by non-smokers.

Is vaping easy?

Vaping with NEXVAP is a lot easier than you might think! We designed a system that’s so simple and convenient but still powerful enough to satisfy every adult consumer, from the vape-curious to the vaping connoisseur.

Can I vape in public places?

Always stick to the legislation in force for the country you are in. Legislation on this topic may vary from country to country.

Can e-cigs help me quit smoking?

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to traditional cigarettes. While electronic cigarettes are not smoking cessation tools nor are they marketed that way, there may be anecdotal evidence that some people have reduced or eliminated use of traditional cigarettes by regularly using electronics cigarettes.

What is Tobacco Harm Reduction?

Tobacco harm reduction describes actions taken to lower the health risks associated with using tobacco or nicotine. A very important part of tobacco harm reduction is simply educating people about the risks of different sources of nicotine.

Are electronic cigarettes really safer than regular cigarettes?

We are uncertain as to how safe they are however there are several scientific studies suggesting that they are safer than smoking cigarettes.

What is certain is that traditional cigarettes kill 6 million people every year

You keep talking about providing a less harmful source of nicotine. But isn't nicotine itself very bad for you?

No, it's not.

The effects of nicotine itself are similar to that other popular drug, caffeine. There is no evidence that nicotine causes any substantial risk for cancer, and the research shows that the risk for cardiovascular disease is minimal.

The confusion about nicotine comes from anti-smoking activists talking about nicotine and smoking as if they were the same. While it is true that people smoke mostly because of nicotine; nicotine users die mostly because of the smoke. Neither nicotine nor coffee are completely benign (in particular, both cause a short-term increase in your blood pressure and pulse rate when you use them, which could affect your health).

A lot of evidence shows that coffee drinking causes very little health risk. Studying nicotine is a bit harder, because most nicotine users smoke, and the smoking is quite bad for you. But there is some good evidence: If nicotine were very bad for you then smokeless tobacco, which provides nicotine, would be very bad for you. That is not the case.

Though nicotine is relatively safe for most individuals, it may have a negative effect on fetal development and as such should be avoided during pregnancy.

Do e-cigarettes cause cancer just like regular cigarettes?

The USFDA discovered trace amounts of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in e-cigarettes, which are known to cause cancer with high exposure. The amounts found were far too low to be definitively labelled as cancer-causing.

An e-cigarette contains nearly the same trace levels of nitrosamines as the FDA-approved nicotine patch and about 1,300 times less nitrosamines than a traditional cigarette.

How to refill & recharge?

See our step by step instructions for use here: http://www.nexvap.com/modo-uso

How can I tell if my personal vaporizer is on?

If the ring around the button lights up when pressed, it means the device is switched on.

Is there an on/off button on my personal vaporizer?

Yes, it is the same one you use for vaping. Press the button 5 times to switch your personal vaporizer ON and 5 more times to power OFF.

Why should I only use Nexvap e-liquids in my personal vaporizer?

Nexvap e-liquids are specifically designed to offer the best vaping experience with your Nexvap Personal Vaporizer.

Vapour quality and satisfaction may vary if used other than recommended.

Why do I need to replace the atomizer?

To ensure optimum taste and quality performance of your Nexvap.

What certifications Nexvap has?

  • CE certified and assessed by an independent third party in the EU.
  • Compliance with Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).
  • Compliance with General Product Safety Directive.
  • Compliance with Low Voltage Directive, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and Battery Safety Standard.

We hold MSDS (material safety data sheets) on every component or chemical in our products (devices and liquids).

Can I use any type of liquid with my Nexvap personal vaporizer?

Nexvap has been designed to admit almost every liquid in the market, however the optimal performance occurs only with Nexvap e-liquids.

If I spill e-liquid, will it stain my clothing?

If any e-liquid is given time to absorb into a fabric, it may leave a mark. It is best to wash it off immediately, and seek professional cleaning guidance if you have any concerns.

What should I do if i spill e-liquid on my skin?

Wash it off immediately with plenty of soap and water.

If you have any concerns, please seek medical advice.

What if I accidentally pour the e-liquid into the central tube?

Nexvap personal vaporizer is designed in a way that it is not easy to pour the e-liquid into the centre.

However, in the instance any e-liquid penetrated the inner tube, make sure you clean it before vaping, or you risk placing a tiny bit of e-liquid in your mouth.

In which countries do you deliver?

Our e-store currently delivers in these countries:

  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

Nexvap products are distributed in many other countries. Check out your local retailer

What should I do if I want to return an item I bought on Nexvap e-store?

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